Eyebrow Brush Tube Mascara Brush Kit For Crushed Diamond Makeup

Short Description:


1. Reusable and removable, mascara brush can be replaced

2. Micro drill/binding pattern at the bottom, the mix color of the micro drill is random

3. It is portable and convenient to use and carry.

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Model Eyebrow Brush Tube Mascara Brush Kit
Size 1.2*11cm
Material Plastic
Packaging Bag
Colors 8 colors
Starting lot 100pcs
Product weight 4g
Scope of use Crushed diamond makeup

Product content

The product is available in 8 colors: purple, champagne, pink, orange, silver, red, green. The tube and wand of the mascara brush are made of high quality plastic and resin. The clear tube has beautiful scales on the top that shine. The brush head is made of fiber bristles, which are soft and durable. The brush head can be bent to the right curve to fit your lashes for better results. It is also very easy to carry and can fit in your makeup bag or purse. The brush tube is reusable and the disposable brush can be replaced at any time.

Product Applications

These lash spools with tubes are versatile. In addition to combing your eyelashes and eyebrows, this makeup brush can also help you apply eye makeup, draw your hairline, and more. Perfect for novice practitioners, makeup artists and everyday use. Perfect for everyday use at home, travel, parties, performances and other makeup occasions

How much does it cost for a proof and what kind of customization can be achieved?
Sampling of this product is free of charge, and shipping cost is $35. We accept custom color of disposable brushes, top scale color of brush tube, and packaging of brush tube.

What is the delivery date?
This product is available first: in stock: 3-8 days; custom: depending on the complexity of the design and the number of products

What are Qiao's advantages on the eyebrow brush tube mascara brush kit?
The brush tubes and mascara brushes are processed in our own machining center. The use of high quality raw materials allows the hardness of the tubes and the bendability of the disposable mascara brushes to be higher than the market average, allowing us to offer our customers a more competitive price.

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