12 Grid white white ab pointed bottom rhinestone set ss3-ss20 nail art accessories

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This 12 Grid White AB Pointed Bottom Rhinestone Set is the perfect companion for nail art enthusiasts, designed to make your nails more dazzling and eye-catching. This set features an array of sparkling rhinestones with a pointed bottom design, making them easy to adhere to your nails without the need for complex procedures or professional skills. These shimmering nail accessories not only elevate your nail art game but also add a unique charm to your fingertips.

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Product name White pointed bottom rhinestones
Color White/White AB
Material Glass
Quantity 1800Pcs
Weight 50g
Size 13CM*5CM
Batch 2Pcs

Key Features

1.Variety of Size Choices

Whether you prefer tiny details or elaborate decorations, this set includes a range of different sizes of rhinestones, from the tiny SS3 to the larger SS20, catering to various nail art design needs.


2.Durability and Shine

Each rhinestone is carefully selected to ensure top-notch quality. The white AB coating imparts a dazzling multi-color effect to the rhinestones while enhancing their durability, ensuring your nail art designs stay vibrant.


3.Variety of Size Options:

Whether you prefer tiny details or bold embellishments, this set offers a wide range of sizes, from the delicate SS3 to the larger SS20 rhinestones, allowing you to unleash your creativity in nail art design.


About customization

What sets this rhinestone set apart is its ability to be customized in various colors. Choose from a spectrum of shades to match your nail art vision and achieve a truly personalized look.


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