Crystal Pendant For Necklace Earrings DIY

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1. Smooth and clean surface, multi-faceted cutting, transparency

2. Not easy to break and deform, durable

3. Widely used in bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other DIY crafts

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Model Wild Heart Pendant
Size 14*17mm
Material Crystal
Packaging Boxed
Colors 10 colors
Starting lot 12pcs
Product weight 30g
Scope of use Necklace earrings DIY

Why is it called Wild Heart Pendant?
The Wild Heart Pendant is appropriately named: it's a stunning contemporary reinterpretation of an adored symbol that represents love and affection, and is recognized all over the world for its charm. Its irregular facets and slightly elongated shape make for an intriguing design statement that adds an elegant and a modern twist to romantic designs. Use it either as a background component in more complex patterns or to make a striking centerpiece—either way, it will be noticed.

What kind of jewelry can be made with Wild Heart Pendant?
We are happy to provide you with a reference, as you can see we offer three styles of ornaments, in fact the Wild Heart Pendant can be used in many more scenarios, depending on the customer's creative ability.


What kind of customization needs can be realized?
Proofing of this product is free of charge, shipping fee of 35$ is required. This product accepts customization of tools in the set, box outer packaging, bead shape, and bead size.

When will delivery be available?
In stock: 3-8 days; Customized: depending on the complexity of the design and the number of products.

What are the advantages of Qiao in crystal pendants?
Our crystal pendants are made of high quality glass from our own factory, with smooth and clean surface, multi-faceted cutting, good transparency, not easy to break deformation, durable.
We use a box of 12pcs pendants on top of the packaging, each crystal has a separate compartment and is sealed with a transparent plastic film above the crystal so that it will not fall out during transportation.

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