Stainless Steel Tweezers Anti-Static For False Eyelashes

Short Description:


1. Surgical grade stainless steel, is the highest quality tools available.

2. Overall ergonomic lines, non-slip and comfortable

3. A variety of clamping ports to meet the needs

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Model Stainless steel tweezers
Size 1*12.4cm
Material 100% stainless steel
Packaging boxed
Colors 9 colors
Starting lot 20pcs
Product weight 36g
Scope of use False eyelashes, hairs

Product Features

Tweezers have 10 kinds of clip mouth, respectively: extended gold feather clip, gold feather clip, dolphin clip, peacock clip, seven clips, round-headed eagle beak, small round-headed eagle beak, queen clip, new gold feather clip. There are 9 colors: black, silver, blue, pink, steel, gold, rose gold, and dazzling.


Scope of use

These tweezers are perfect for hair removal. Can handle the toughest jobs with very fine hairs or coarse hairs. Ideal for use between eyebrow waxing or for plucking. Ideal for male and female grooming.
Tweezers can also be used to remove debris, handle inward growing hairs and other delicate grasping tasks. You'll also find that these tweezers can easily remove wood chips or glass fragments. Tweezers have smooth, ergonomic lines, are non-slip and comfortable, and have the right amount of dexterity to work long hours without hand fatigue.

How much does it cost for a proof and what kind of customization can be achieved?
Proofing of this product is free of charge, and shipping cost of 35$ is required. This product accepts tweezer tips with customized patterns.

How long is the delivery date?
This product has first: stock: 3-8 days; production of custom: according to the design needs for re-sampling, making molds and then production this takes 15-25 working days.

What are the advantages of Qiao on stainless steel forceps?
All forceps are made of surgical grade stainless steel, manufactured in facilities that manufacture surgical instruments, and are the highest quality tools available. Strong, durable, rust resistant and easy to clean and sterilize. Ideal for beauty salons, cosmetic studios, makeup artists or beginners.

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