Shaped diamond set for nail art.

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Nail shapes are small jewelry items widely used in nail decoration. They are usually made of sequins or crystals and come in irregular shapes such as stars, moons, hearts, flowers and more. These shaped diamonds can be glued or embedded on nails to add unique highlights and sparkle to your nail art.

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Product name Nail Shaped Diamonds
Package Mixed color
Smell Glass
Quantity 20pcs/box
Weight 20g
Usage 5.4cm*6cm
Batch 2 Bottle

There are a total of 20 different shapes in this series, and each shape of rhinestones is available in two styles. These shapes are star shape, moon shape, crooked heart shape, flower shape, butterfly shape, circle, square, water drop shape, snake shape, angel wing shape, leaf shape, marine life shape, ethnic style shape, balloon shape, Music note shape, bubble shape, heart shape, purple nebula shape, petal shape.

About customization

Thank you for supporting our company and loving our rhinestone products! We are happy to tell you that we not only provide a variety of exquisite rhinestones, but also support personalized customization, so that you can have unique jewelry.

Our custom service allows you to design and create your rhinestones according to your preferences, style and needs. Whether you want to order a rhinestone in a special shape, color or size, or transform your design idea into a beautiful jewelry piece, our professional team will wholeheartedly support and help you.

Our customization process is very simple. You just need to contact our customer service team and tell them your customization needs and ideas. Our experts will work with you to provide design advice and technical support to ensure the final bespoke piece meets your expectations and requirements.

Whether for personal use or as a special gift, a custom rhinestone will become your unique signature. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, well-designed and beautifully crafted rhinestones that will make you shine in any occasion.

If you are interested in customized services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you to create your stunning custom rhinestones!


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Sourcing products from us as a wholesaler provides cost savings, diverse options, reliable supply, quality assurance, exceptional support, customization opportunities, and efficient shipping for your customers.

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