40 Pieces of 3D butterfly shape nail art accessories for diy manicure

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This set of nail art accessories contains 40 pieces of exquisite 3D butterfly shape decorations, which is an ideal choice for your DIY nail art. Not only do these accessories feature great design and craftsmanship, but they’re also easy to use, making it easy to create a one-of-a-kind manicure.

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Product name Butterfly nail art accessories
Package 15 Colors
Smell Metal
Quantity 40Pcs/Box
Weight 0.634 Ounces
Usage Nail Art Decoration
Batch 2Box

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Our advantage

Exclusive 3D Butterfly Nail Art Accessories:
Presenting 40 pieces of 3D butterfly-shaped nail art accessories designed exclusively for your high-end beauty salon or beauty supply business. This set includes gold, silver, and colored variations, crafted with your professional clientele in mind.

Exquisite Butterfly Design:
Our nail art accessories feature a 3D butterfly-shaped design, expertly crafted from premium stainless steel alloy with embedded sparkling crystal diamonds on gold/silver metal bases. These accessories exude both elegance and eye-catching allure, elevating the nail art experience for your clients.


(Manicure usage process)

Effortless Application:
The dimensions of the 3D butterfly nail accessories are just right, making them easy to apply onto nails and seamlessly integrate with other nail art designs. They are suitable for a variety of nail art techniques, offering your professional nail artists greater creative latitude.


Versatile Application:
These accessories are not limited to 3D nail art alone; they can also be used to embellish phone cases, clothing, footwear, wall decor, DIY crafts, jewelry making, or other decorative projects. Provide your clients with a diversified range of beauty options.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:
We are committed to delivering the highest quality nail art products for your business. Should you have any inquiries or require customized services, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are dedicated to providing exceptional support and service.

Let our 3D butterfly nail art accessories become the star product in your beauty supply business, enhancing your brand reputation and meeting your clients’ nail art needs.

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