Gold and Silver Magnet Nail Stand Manicure Practice Tool

Short Description:

This is a highly effective tool designed specifically for the nail art industry. Whether you are a professional manicurist or a manicurist, this tool will be a valuable aid to your manicure practice sessions and workflow.

Product Detail

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Product name Nail stand
Color Silver/Gold
Material Metal
Quantity 5 Pcs/Pack
Weight 5g
Size Bottom diameter 1.3cm
Nail base 0.5*1.2cm
Height 2.3cm
Batch 2Box

Suitable for:

  • Nail schools and training centers
  • Professional nail studios
  • Beauty salons and spas
  • Nail art competitions and exhibitions
  • Make Bubble Nail Ar

About customization

At crystalqiao, we understand that every client may have unique requirements and preferences. That's why we offer a range of customization options to tailor our Gold Silver Magnet Wearing Nail Holder for Manicure Practice Tool to your specific needs:

1.Color Variations: While our standard design features gold and silver, we can customize the colors to match your brand or salon's color scheme. Whether you prefer a classic black and white look or vibrant and eye-catching shades, we can accommodate your preferences.

2.Branding: Enhance your brand presence by adding your logo or brand name to the nail holder. Our customization service includes laser engraving or printing your branding on the tool for a professional and personalized touch.

3.Size Adjustments: If you require specific dimensions or sizes for the nail holder to better suit your target audience or application, we can accommodate these adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

4.Packaging: Create a lasting impression with custom packaging. We can design and manufacture branded packaging for the nail holders, adding an extra layer of professionalism to your product presentation.

5.Bulk Order Options: Whether you need a small batch or a large quantity of nail holders, we offer flexible bulk order options with tiered pricing to accommodate your business requirements.

6.Additional Features: If you have specific features or enhancements in mind, such as ergonomic design modifications, added accessories, or special materials, our engineering and design team can work with you to bring your ideas to life.

7.Exclusive Designs: Looking for a unique and exclusive product that sets you apart in the market? We can collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind nail holder design tailored to your brand.

Quality Assurance:

Rest assured that our customization services do not compromise on quality. We maintain the same high standards and durability in our custom products as in our standard offerings.

Get in Touch:

To discuss your customization requirements or to explore how we can create a bespoke Gold Silver Magnet Wearing Nail Holder for Manicure Practice Tool tailored to your brand, please contact our dedicated customization team. We are committed to delivering products that meet your exact specifications and exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to begin the journey towards a uniquely customized nail holder solution that reflects your brand's identity and meets your customers' needs.


We offer several shipping services such as:




·Sea Freight

We have signed a relevant transportation agreement with the transportation company, and they will arrange the delivery as soon as possible after receiving the goods. 4-6 days by air, 15-25 days by sea.


Our advantage

1. Stability and Control: Our manicure stand features sturdy magnetic attachments that ensure a secure hold on the base, providing stability and precise nail creation.

2.Stylish Gold and Silver Design: Crafted from gold and silver materials, the tool is not only functional but also fashionable, catering to various nail art styles.

3.Versatile for Various Nail Techniques: Whether it's nail clipping, nail polish application, nail art painting, or other nail techniques, this tool makes it easy for you to master them all.

4.Improved Work Efficiency: By reducing hand tremors and instability, our nail holder significantly enhances the efficiency of your nail care work.

5.Durability and Reliability: Made from high-quality materials, our product boasts exceptional durability, standing up to repeated use and cleaning.

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