AAA Plated Crystal Beads For Handmade Jewelry Making

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1. Vibrant and different colors depending on viewing angle and daylight conditions

2. Strong hardness, scratch resistance and excellent chemical stability

3. Easier to clean than ordinary glass beads

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Model AAA plated crystal beads
Size 4mm/6mm/8mm
Material Glass
Packaging Bag/box
Colors 12 kinds
Starting lot 100pcs
Product weight 10g
Scope of use Jewelry making DIY

How many crystal beads of each size in a pack?
AAA plating illusion flat beads crystal beads 4mm 170pcs a pack 6mm 170pcs a pack 8mm 84pcs a pack.We can make special notes when you place your order, and then the machining center will be packaged according to your design requirements.

We offer 12 colors of beads

The 12 colors are: Aurora AB, Light of Heaven, Luminous Purple, Ghost Light, Phantom Purple, Gold, Green, Light Green, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Aqua, Champagne. If you need to customize the color, please contact customer service.


How much does it cost for a proof and what kind of customization can be achieved?
The sampling of this product is free of charge, and shipping fee of $35 is required. This product accepts customization of bead color, bead hole size, bead diameter, and outer packaging.

What is the delivery date?
In-stock: 3-8 days (12 colors are in stock) ; Production customization: re-sampling according to design needs, making molds and then production which takes 15-25 working days.

What is the advantage of Qiao on AAA electroplated crystal beads?
AAA plated crystal beads are products we developed based on customer feedback, with high refractive index and high abrasion resistance. The jewelry woven with illusion crystal beads will reflect different colors at different angles under the sunlight, giving people a dreamy feeling.
This product is generated by a second plating process on top of our self-developed glass beads, which saves material costs and transportation costs while protecting the environment, and provides customers with competitive prices.

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