DIY Jewelry Kits For Bracelet Necklace Making

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1. Simple and easy to operate

2. Meet all your needs for DIY jewelry bracelet making

3. A variety of appearance, feel free to match

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Model DIY Jewelry Kits
Size Multiple sizes
Material Zinc alloy
Packaging Gift Box
Colors 6 colors
Starting lot 10pcs
Product weight 210g
Scope of use Bracelet necklace making

What products are included in the DIY jewelry kit?
This kit includes 20 colored large hole beads, 20 metal spacer beads, 20 necklaces with pendants, 3 bracelets, 3 necklace cords in 3 colors, and a gift box to meet all your DIY jewelry bracelet making needs. the DIY jewelry kit can make at least 6 delicate bracelets and necklaces. Perfect for your gift giving!

Does the jewelry get deformed in transit?
Will not deform easily, we will not be deformed, we use a beautiful gift box for packaging, gift boxes will be wrapped outside the handbag. Finally, the carton is wrapped in a carton to ensure that it will not be easily deformed in transit. You can sell the goods directly after you receive them..

What is the cost of proofing and what kind of customized needs can be achieved?
The proof of this product is free of charge, shipping fee of 35$ is required.
This product accepts gift box packaging, necklace shape, color, and metal spacer bead size customization.

What is the delivery date?
In stock: 3-8 days; Customized: depending on the complexity of the design and the number of products.

What is the biggest advantage of Qiao on DIY jewelry kits?
Easy to use, no tools, no glue, no mess with the whole set. Unscrew in order to remove the end caps, and after stringing the beads in, simply tighten the end caps. Even beginners can easily make beautiful bracelets.
Customers can sell the goods directly after receiving them, without the need for secondary processing, which will reduce a lot of processing time.


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