28 letter beads are used to make name bracelets and necklaces

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1. Durable and do not easy to break

2. 28 grids 1820pcs, match as you like

3. Made of high-quality acrylic, smooth surface, more comfortable to wear.

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Model 28 letter bead kit
Size 7mm
Material Acrylic
Packaging Boxed
Colors 5 colors
Starting lot 10pcs
Product weight 210g
Scope of use Bracelets, Necklaces, Key chains

What does the Alphabet Bead Kit contain?

This set contains 26 letters A-Z*65pcs, hearts 130pcs, a total of 1820pcs


There are two shapes to choose: square/round, and each shape has 5 colors: black and white, color, transparent color, black beads with gold letters, white beads with gold letters.


What packaging does the product use?

The storage box has 28 grids, and the letters in each grid will be arranged in order, so you can quickly find the letters you need, and the box can also be recycled. It will not be easily deformed, and finally it is packaged in a carton. Through such packaging, it can be guaranteed that it will not be easily deformed during transportation. After you receive the goods, you can directly sell them.

How much is the proofing fee, and what kind of customization requirements can be realized?

The proofing of this product is free, but the shipping fee is 35$. This product accepts box packaging, bead color, bead shape, bead size, and package contents that can be mixed and matched.

What is the biggest advantage of Qiao on the letter bead kit?

Each bead is made of high quality acrylic. The surface is smooth and looks great. In addition, in order to prevent the letter beads from fading, we have adopted more exquisite workmanship. Unlike other alphabet beads on the market, our beads have no ink/dirt in the drilled holes and are smooth and comfortable to wear.

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