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Glass Seed Bead Embroidery Kits are suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters. They allow individuals to create beautiful and intricate designs without having to source all the materials separately. The kits come in various designs, from simple motifs to more complex scenes, allowing crafters to choose projects that match their skill level and artistic preferences.

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Product name Seed Beading Kit
Package 9 Types
Smell Glass
Custom made Support
Weight 100g
Application range Brooch, Clothing decoration
Batch 3Bottles

Glass Seed Bead Embroidery Kits are crafting kits that provide everything you need to create intricate and decorative embroidery designs using glass seed beads. Seed beads are small, uniformly shaped beads that are often used in jewelry-making and various types of needlework, including embroidery. These kits typically include a pattern or design template, a selection of colorful glass seed beads, a needle, and the necessary thread or fabric for the project.


The process involves threading the seed beads onto the needle and then stitching them onto the fabric according to the provided pattern. The beads are secured to the fabric using various embroidery stitches, creating a textured and visually appealing design. This type of embroidery is particularly known for its ability to add dimension and sparkle to projects.

About customization

Our glass seed bead embroidery kits contain the following items in each kit:

  • 5 bottles of 2mm beads: These beads are used to create delicate embroidery effects.
  • 1 bottle of tube beads: Add variation and texture to your designs.
  • 1 bottle of sequins: Introduce shimmering elements to make your creations more eye-catching.
  • 10 pieces of felt fabric: This can be used as a background or supportive material for your embroidery.
  • 10 pieces of leather fabric: Use these to create more intricate embroidery patterns.
  • 10 pieces of ear hooks and 10 pieces of brooch clasps: Turn your embroidered designs into jewelry accessories.
  • 4 pieces of triangle boards: These are helpful tools to maintain accuracy during your creative process.
  • 1 roll of beading fishing line: Use it for threading and securing the beads.
  • 1 pack of sewing needles (16 in total): Various types of needles are included to cater to different embroidery needs.


Furthermore, we also offer support for customizing the quantity of beads and the packaging according to your requirements. If you have specific preferences or designs in mind, we can provide personalized solutions to ensure your project turns out perfectly.

If you have any further questions about our product or need information about customization, please feel free to contact us. We're looking forward to providing you with excellent service and products!


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