Gray and white rhombus nail file for nail polishing and beautification

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The surface of bar nail files is usually frosted, which makes them easier to clean. After use, just rinse with clean water, or wipe with alcohol to easily remove nail debris and bacteria and keep it hygienic.

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Product name Diamond Nail File
Package Gray
Smell Sponge
Quantity 50 pcs/bog
Weight 5g
Usage 1.9cm*9cm-1.9cm*17.8cm
Batch 2Bottles

A strip nail file has many advantages that make it a popular grooming tool:

Portable: Since strip nail files are usually long strips, they are easy to put in your cosmetic bag or purse for easy portability. This allows you to trim and polish your nails at any time without worrying about their condition.


Versatile: Bar nail files generally come in different thicknesses, which makes them suitable for a variety of different types of nails. You can choose fine or rough surface according to your needs to meet different trimming and sanding needs.


Precision Trimming: The shape and size of the bar nail files make them easier for precise trimming of nails. You can shape your nails more accurately and remove unwanted parts to ensure beautiful and comfortable nails


About customization

Regarding the customization of outer packaging, we understand your consideration of individual needs. At present, our bar nail file products support the customization service of the outer packaging. This means that we can customize specific styles, colors, patterns, etc. outer packaging according to your requirements to meet your individual needs.

However, please be aware that there may be a certain minimum order quantity or additional charges for customization of outer packaging, which may vary depending on customization requirements and product specifications. In order to better understand your needs and provide the most accurate quotation and service, please contact our sales team or customer support department. We will do our best to assist you and make sure you are satisfied with our products and services.

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