Rhinestone Placemat Coaster Set For Kitchen Table Wedding Party

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1. Water and stain resistant

2. Can scratch, tear, stain, slide, fade, odor and damage in daily use

3. Easy to clean and save space

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Model Rhinestone Placemat Coaster Set
Size Diameter 38.1cm
Material Resin
Packaging box set
Colors Silver
Starting lot 10pcs
Product weight 1.2kg
Scope of use Kitchen table wedding party

Products included in the set
Placemat diameter 38.1cm, coaster diameter 10.2cm, the whole made of high-quality rhinestones. The set includes 4 round placemats and 4 coasters.

Product Function
Rhinestone design gives the placemats a stylish and sophisticated look, perfect for kitchens, hotels, restaurants, parties, birthdays, Christmas, housewarming, holidays, parties, Thanksgiving, family gatherings, weddings and other daily or special occasions. Rhinestones also prevent scratches, tears, stains, slips, fading, odors and damage from daily use. Easy to clean: Hand wash the placemats with soapy water and dry with a towel.

What is the cost of proofing and what kind of customization needs can be achieved?
The proof of this product is free of charge. Due to the large size of this item, a shipping fee of 45$ is required. This product accepts customization for placemat color, placemat size, coaster color, coaster size.

What is the delivery date?
In-stock: 3-8 days; production customization: according to the design needs to re-sample, make the mold and then production which takes 15-25 working days

What are the advantages of Qiao's rhinestone placemat coaster set?
The rhinestones on the placemats are produced by ourselves and selected by layers of quality rhinestones. The quality is higher than other similar products in the market, and we can offer our customers more competitive prices.

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