Single Package Of Hot Repair Rhinestones For Nail Fabric Clothing

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1. Semi-transparent color design

2. 35 colors to choose from

3. More than 30 cutting surfaces to give a rainbow color effect to the hot fix rhinestones

Product Detail

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Model Hot fix rhinestones
Size SS6-SS30
Material Glass
Packaging Bagged
Colors 31 kinds
Starting lot 50pcs
Product weight 20g
Scope of use Nail fabric clothing

Product Contents

The product has 6 sizes, namely: SS6, SS10, SS12, SS16, SS20, SS30, of which ss6-ss30 1440 pcs/bag, SS30 288 pcs/bag, SS6-SS30 mixed size 1200 pcs (SS6 - 576 pcs, SS10 - 288 pcs, SS16 - 144 pcs, SS20 - 144 pcs, SS30 - 72 pcs). Rhinestones have a flat back round design.
There are 31 colors of rhinestones, namely: light blue, dark blue, lemon yellow, pink, white AB color, white, royal blue, scarlet, black, peacock blue, peacock green, deep purple, multicolored, orange red, rose red, light green , Gold Plated, Rainbow Magic Gold, Blue Flame, Red Flame, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold Plated, Silver Plated, Deep Scarlet, Mine Black, Black Blue, Crystal Yellow, Ghost Light, Green Flame, Purple Light, Golden.


Scope of Use

These heat repair rhinestones have heat activated glue on the bottom that melts and sticks when heated, making them super easy to use and can be attached to any surface. Great for decorating phone cases, greeting cards, shoe art, clothes DIY clothing decoration ...... anything you want.

How much does it cost for sampling and what kind of customization needs can be achieved?
Sampling of this product is free of charge, and shipping cost is $35. We accept custom rhinestone color, rhinestone size, and rhinestone shape for this product.

What is the delivery date?
In-stock: 3-8 days; Production customization: re-sampling according to design needs, making molds and then production which takes 15-25 working days.

What are the biggest advantages of Qiao on single package hot repair rhinestones?
Our hot repair rhinestones are produced with high precision in cross-sectional dimensions and are cut on multiple sides to bring a high brightness, high refraction surface. It is brighter and better quality than the products in the market, and no bubbles are produced inside.


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